Hello, I'm Brandon Botello

I began taking photos at 16 years old, and ever since then I have been taking on many variety's of projects since and learning a ton of things on the way. In my personal time I love to explore and capture images I think are cool. I love driving around and traveling. The main thing I love about doing photography/cinematography is all of the unique and interesting people I meet and form friendships with. If you book me more than once there is a great chance we will go on a taco run or become great friends, just speaking from experience.

The Team

We are a photo & film team based in Central/North California. We film & photograph weddings, events, and special occasions all over. We love destinations so if you'll have us, we will travel to wherever our services are needed! Our main goal is to innovate in the wedding industry and push the standards of preserving memories. We look forward to working with you!